Navigating Medicare Part D Enrollment

Navigating Medicare Part D

At Synchrony Pharmacy and Synchrony Health Services, we understand that making informed decisions about healthcare is crucial for our residents. We are dedicated to providing you with essential information about Medicare and its various components, including Medicare Part D. In this blog post, we will guide you through the importance of Medicare Part D, helpful […]

Webinar: Providing Personalized Care in a Complex Senior Living Environment

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has established that all Medicare/Medicaid recipients will be part of a value-based system by 2030, which will affect where residents will live. It also will mean that assisted living communities will need to prove their value and positive clinical outcomes, as well as their ability to effectively manage […]

Webinar: Collaborating on the 4Ms of Healthy Aging

The post-acute market is changing at lightning speed during this new era of accountability, and providers are looking for new approaches that enable them to be at the forefront of the highest-quality care while meeting the personalized needs of their patients and residents. The 4Ms of Geriatrics, as defined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement […]

SynchronyRx@HOME Receives URAC Accreditation

SynchronyRx@HOME is proud to announce that it has been granted full Accreditation by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC). The URAC accreditation committee met on August 22, 2023, and their decision marks a significant achievement for Synchrony Health Services. URAC is a renowned authority in setting national standards for healthcare organizations. Accreditation by URAC signifies […]

Success Story: Carol B.

“My therapists were the best! They were outstanding and patient. They taught me so much and I even had so much fun!” Resident Story In the heartwarming story of Carol, a triumphant rehabilitation journey at Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village has brought back the spark to her life. After a fall resulting in a broken […]

Success Story: Peggy C.

“All the therapists were wonderful. I tell everyone I meet about them. All the therapists were very patient, kind, and helped me tremendously.” Resident Story In the heartening journey of Peggy, a recent graduate of Synchrony Rehab Center, a sudden gust of wind at the grocery store turned her life’s trajectory in a new direction. […]

Success Story: John B.

“John’s journey of resilience and gratitude illuminates the transformative power of positivity even in the face of adversity.” Resident Story John B, a recent therapy graduate at Cyprus Point Health Campus, is a remarkable example of resilience and positivity. Despite facing various health challenges, John’s unwavering optimism remained a constant presence during his therapy journey. […]