Success Story: Elizabeth Carpenter

Resident Story Elizabeth Carpenter’s journey at Waterford Crossing with Synchrony Rehab is nothing short of remarkable. Facing her second stroke in just two months, Elizabeth encountered significant challenges upon her arrival. “I couldn’t stand, eat with my right hand, walk a step, or even press the buttons on the TV remote,” she recalls. Determined to […]

Success Story: Verl Kauffman

“I appreciate the good care and concern of all those who helped with my care while recovering at Waterford Crossing!” Resident Story Meet Verl Kauffman, a remarkable individual who recently completed his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing with the dedicated support of Synchrony Rehab. Verl’s journey began with an episode of altered consciousness at home, […]

Success Story: Mary Bentley

Resident Story Mary Bentley’s journey at Violet Springs with Synchrony Rehab is a testament to the power of perseverance and skilled rehabilitation. Following a fall at the ER resulting in a brain bleed, Mary found herself facing significant challenges upon her admission. “I couldn’t sit up on my own, carry on a conversation, and certainly […]

Success Story: Max Paul

Resident Story Meet Max Paul, a resilient individual who recently completed his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing with the dedicated support of Synchrony Rehab. Max’s journey began with a partial knee replacement, which presented significant challenges to his daily life as a dairy farmer. Prior to his knee issues, Max led an active lifestyle, tending […]

Success Story: Scott Becker

“Awesome, caring, encouraging, and helpful!” Resident Story Scott Becker’s rehabilitation journey at West Lake Health Campus is a testament to determination and the positive impact of skilled therapy. Scott underwent a total right hip replacement, a significant procedure that brought him to West Lake for rehabilitation. Before his hip replacement, Scott enjoyed the freedom of […]

Success Story: Donnis Siferd

“My therapists were kind, gentle, and let me rest when I needed it.” Resident Story Donnis Siferd’s rehabilitation journey at Briar Hill North Baltimore is a testament to resilience and determination. After a puzzling incident where she fell while working on her puzzle and subsequently discovered a broken hip, Donnis exhibited remarkable strength. Before her […]

Success Story: Ralph Garber

“Very thorough!” Resident Story Ralph Garber, an indomitable spirit, recently marked the completion of his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing, overcoming a challenging health ordeal. His journey began with two rounds of pneumonia and a severe reaction to a new medication, which affected his kidney function, leading to the initiation of dialysis. Before these health […]

Success Story: Ruth Wolf

“Good, nice, and very helpful. I am going to miss them.” Resident Story Ruth Wolf, a resilient individual, recently celebrated the completion of her rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing. Her story began with a fall on her right hip at home, fortunately, with her son by her side, ensuring that no bones were broken. Before […]

Success Story: Thomas Cissel

“kind, thoughtful, knows what they are doing, tough at times for my own good..” Resident Story Thomas Cissel, a resilient individual, recently completed his remarkable rehabilitation journey at Harrison Trail Health Campus. Thomas faced significant challenges, having suffered a stroke in spring 2021. Unfortunately, in March 2022, he lost his right leg due to an […]