Success Story: Diane Holland

“They are all fantastic. Chelsea, Ashley, and Cassie all helped me get back to where I am today.” Resident Story Diane’s rehab at Briar Hill Health Campus is nothing short of inspiring. After being hospitalized due to respiratory failure and suffering a stroke while intubated, Diane arrived at the facility in a dire state. She […]

Success Story: Earl Carpenter

“All of the staff has been great!” Resident Story Earl’s story began when he had to be hospitalized, a moment that marked a significant shift from his active lifestyle. Before this, Earl enjoyed spending time outdoors and walking without assistance, savoring the freedom and independence that came with it. However, his condition had taken away […]

Success Story: Richard Lane

“I don’t know of a rating high enough for my therapist at Amber Manor. They are all good people.” Resident Story Richard Lane’s journey to recovery began on January 4 when he suffered a hip fracture from a fall. Transferred to Amber Manor on January 7, Richard faced significant challenges. Unable to stand and restricted […]

Success Story: William Shelton

“Everyone has been amazing!” Resident Story William Shelton, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his inspiring journey at St. Andrews Health Center. Despite facing challenges, William’s determination and the support of his therapists helped him make remarkable progress. After experiencing a heart attack and foot surgery, William found himself at St. Andrews Health Center. Before […]

Success Story: George Roe

“They would push me enough to achieve my goal. They are all wonderful. Kind. Generous. Very caring.” Resident Story George Roe, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his remarkable journey at Willows at Bowling Green. Battling COPD and a recent bout of COVID-19, George found himself struggling with his lung health, requiring oxygen and multiple […]

Success Story: Michael Julian

“I couldn’t do it without all of you, thank you so much. Everyone here goes above and does any task even if it’s not there job.” Resident Story Michael Julian, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his inspiring journey at The Glen after a challenging ankle fracture. Before his accident, Mike was an independent individual, […]

Success Story: Alice Parsons

“The therapists here at Violet Springs knew I wanted to walk and they got me there.” Resident Story Before her injury, Alice enjoyed an active lifestyle, exploring her passion for antiquing with her husband and relishing the simple joys of everyday life. However, a fall at home left her with a fractured hip, and she […]

Success Story: Dave Vogel

“Thanks to the awesome therapists at The Glen, I can get back to being me!” Resident Story Dave Vogel, a strong and resilient individual, is celebrating his recent rehabilitation graduation from The Glen. His story began at home when he was suffering from sudden loss of lower extremity strength and impaired sensation ultimately causing him […]

Success Story: Rose Ann O’Brien

“I feel like a human again! Thank you Carol for helping me!” Resident Story Rose Ann O’Brien’s journey with Synchrony Rehab has been nothing short of inspiring. Back in 2020, she found herself immobilized by pain, weighing 380 pounds. A trip to the ER revealed she had osteoarthritis, rendering her homebound. Determined to reclaim her […]