Success Story: Mary Lou R.

“Kind, patient, I’m very happy with my therapists!” Resident Story Mary Lou’s journey at The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus is nothing short of inspirational. Just a short while ago, she found herself in a situation where even getting up to go to the bathroom became a daunting task due to dizziness. It was her […]

Success Story: William “Phil” G.

“I think the reason it worked was because of the drive the therapist used!” Resident Story The Maples at Waterford Crossing proudly celebrates the triumphant journey of William “Phil” G., who has emerged from his rehabilitation with renewed strength and determination. Phil’s path to recovery began with a dental infection that spiraled, infiltrating his body […]

Success Story: Gilbert A.

“They are nice and like to have FUN!” Resident Story Gilbert A’s journey at Springview Manor is a heartwarming tale of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of rehabilitation. Following a fall that resulted in a fractured hip and the inability to walk, Gilbert’s life took an unexpected turn. Arriving at Springview Manor with a […]

Success Story: Karen V.

“The therapists were excellent and very professional. They were a pleasure to work with.”   Resident Story Karen V’s journey at Amber Manor Care Center is an inspiring tale of recovery, determination, and the unwavering support of skilled therapists. Following a severe fall on March 26th that resulted in left arm surgery, Karen arrived at […]

Success Story: Ruby J.

“The therapists were excellent and beautiful! I love every one of them!” Resident Story Ruby J’s journey at Gateway Springs Health Campus is a tale of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of rehabilitation. After a fall at her assisted living facility resulted in a fractured pelvis and a challenging surgery, Ruby’s mobility was greatly […]

Success Story: Jean C.

“The therapists were EXCELLENT!” Resident Story Jean’s journey at The Willows at Harrodsburg is a testament to the power of determination and expert rehabilitation. In April 2023, Jean faced a significant setback when she sustained multiple injuries from a fall, including compression fractures in her back, a partial knee replacement in her left knee, and […]

Success Story: Carol B.

“My therapists were the best! They were outstanding and patient. They taught me so much and I even had so much fun!” Resident Story In the heartwarming story of Carol, a triumphant rehabilitation journey at Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village has brought back the spark to her life. After a fall resulting in a broken […]

Success Story: Peggy C.

“All the therapists were wonderful. I tell everyone I meet about them. All the therapists were very patient, kind, and helped me tremendously.” Resident Story In the heartening journey of Peggy, a recent graduate of Synchrony Rehab Center, a sudden gust of wind at the grocery store turned her life’s trajectory in a new direction. […]

Success Story: John B.

“John’s journey of resilience and gratitude illuminates the transformative power of positivity even in the face of adversity.” Resident Story John B, a recent therapy graduate at Cyprus Point Health Campus, is a remarkable example of resilience and positivity. Despite facing various health challenges, John’s unwavering optimism remained a constant presence during his therapy journey. […]