Celebrating Occupational Therapy: Empowering Everyday Living

The month of April brings to light the valuable services provided by the Synchrony Rehab occupational therapy teams.  The 2022 theme for Occupational Therapy Month is, Empowering Everyday Living, which highlights the critical thinking, leadership, compassion, and adaptation skills these professional possess and utilize to enhance quality of life for those they serve. 

Occupational therapy services can be provided across an individual’s lifespan to increase safety and  participation in everyday activities.  Through rehabilitation, compensation, or maintenance of functional skills, individuals work with occupational therapists (OTs) and occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) to improve performance during meaningful activities and daily tasks.

During occupational therapy month we celebrate, honor, and show gratitude for the OTs and OTAs who expertly manage their caseloads by prioritizing goals for safe return to the next living environment or reducing rehospitalization.  Every day, occupational therapy teams are treating residents and educating families and other staff about functional daily living skills, infection control, joint protection, pain management, body mechanics, task modification, use of adaptive equipment, and environmental management, along with other unique and patient-specific interventions to increase overall safety, function, and quality of life.  Working with the interdisciplinary team, our Synchrony OTs and OTAs ensure a high level of customer service and quality care while achieving functional gains through education and collaboration.

As the April weather warms, our occupational therapy teams and residents can look forward to more time spent outdoors.  Promoting wellness while performing meaningful tasks with therapeutic benefits empowers those our OTs and OTAs serve, every day.  Thank you, to all the Synchrony OT teams- your skills, dedication, and compassion inspire us all!