Program Director of the Month: August 2022

It is with great excitement to announce and congratulate William “Bill” Bourne, PD at The Springs of Richmond and Glen Oaks Health Campus as the Program Director of the month for August. Bill has been with Synchrony Rehab for 14+ years and has served as a PD for five years for The Springs, and has served for four months for both campuses. He is very compassionate to our residents and team members. Bill exemplifies Team Approach Works Best (TAWB) as he goes above and beyond for his team members to find answers, accommodate requests, and help other campuses with coverage by rearranging his campus’s schedule to be able to help. We are blessed to have Bill as part of our team and a part of Synchrony.

Here are some great words for Bill as described by a few who have worked with him:

I have served Trilogy at many campuses, and The Springs of Richmond has a large number of rehab to home residents with many admissions and discharges. Bill is a very busy person, but he always has a great sense of humor. Laughing and joking is crucial to creating an enjoyable work culture. I’m certain it helps the residents who are experiencing many emotions during their time in therapy. The entire leadership team at The Springs is fortunate to have a helpful, caring co-worker like Bill.

Julie, Interim Executive Director

I am so elated for Bill and his award!  He is a remarkable Therapy Director and exhibits a true Servant’s Heart.  His team as well as our campus has a great deal of respect for his knowledge and leadership skills he brings to the campus.  He is always willing to help with a smile on his face and kindness in his voice.  What I am trying to say is………WE SIMPLY ADORE HIM!!  

Tammy, HFA, Executive Director

Congratulations to Bill Bourne on Being the PD of the Month!

I just want to say that the reason The Springs of Richmond therapy team works so well together is because we respect Bill. When he is working at the other campus, we know our Jobs and we do what we need to do. He tells us how much he appreciates us frequently.

Lisa, OT, Team Member

Bill is a wonderful leader who is always willing to assist other facilities with telehealth.  Bill is prompt and great example of TAWB.  He is helpful to other PD’s and available to answer questions.  Bill is very proactive and leads with a servant’s heart. Bill is willing to take on special situations and provide best solutions for all issues. Our region is blessed to have him as part of our group!

Angela, PD

William Bourne “Bill” is a remarkable team player whose dedication and hard work is admirable and his leadership has helped other synchrony rehab teams to function efficiently during absence of the PD at that campus. He is always very willing and quick to help other PD’s manage staffing crisis, provide support and feedback especially following transition from Casamba to Net Health, and share any newly learned vital information or volunteer to assist any PD in need. He shows great consideration when welcoming new colleagues and truly reflects Synchrony culture.

Urvashi, Former Program Director

Thank you, Bill, for promoting Synchrony Rehab’s culture of servant leadership, Team Approach Works Best, and Leading By Example!  You are deserving of this award!