Program Director of the Month: February 2023

Congratulations to Nicole Kemp, Therapy Director at Forest Park Health Campus, for being named our Program Director of the Month for February!

A devoted Team Member, Nicole has been dedicated to this company for over 15 years. Nicole truly has a servant’s heart and a passion for helping others. Residents and staff alike know that they can depend on Nicole and that she will follow through with any actions that need to be taken to resolve an issue.  She is a fierce advocate for what is right.Nicole brings an infectious energy to the therapy gym that brightens the faces of staff and residents alike. She is confident and decisive, as any good leader should be, yet she continues to grow and adapt in this ever-evolving world of healthcare. Working in management hasn’t dampened Nicole’s team spirit, either – she’s always willing to get her hands dirty and help with any job that needs to be done.  

In addition to providing excellent patient care, Nicole has forged an unbreakable bond with her therapy team.  These therapists have worked together as a team for 10+ years, through the COVID-19 pandemic and many seasons of life with their families.  They are no longer just coworkers – they are family.  As the matriarch of a seasoned, unwavering team of strong women, you can count on Nicole to bring not only great therapeutic skills but also smiles and laughter to folks who are often facing difficult situations.  

Nicole, thank you for being a strong, compassionate leader and for being a strong advocate for residents and healthcare workers alike!