Program Director of the Month: March 2023

Congratulations to Beth Kortum, Program Director of the Hartsfield Village, in Munster, IN, is the Program Director of the Month for March 2023. She has been with us for 6+ years and was promoted to Program Director last year in one of our leading campuses. Since then, Beth has led her team by supporting and caring for the staff, ensuring they provide excellent patient outcomes in a stride.

Ms. Kortum is a role model for her peers and staff with outstanding performance and conduct. Her success as a PD precedes attention to detail and leading by example (LBE). Her leadership marks the steady upward trend in customer and employee satisfaction rates. She has solid eDoc scores and participates in all Synchrony initiatives. Beth consistently upholds the culture and values of Synchrony and deserves this recognition.

When asked, the Campus leadership has the following to say about Beth:
Beth has made a tremendously positive impact on the Rehabilitation Program at Hartsfield Village since she became the program director. Beth is a compassionate provider who has dedicated herself to helping her team grow and succeed. Beth has proven herself a strong and capable leader, and I am grateful for our continued partnership.” Susan Seydel, Senior Administrator, Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village, Munster, IN.

Beth is approachable. She is always willing to assist families better in explaining therapy expectations/goals/plateaus/etc. She follows up with patients and encourages them to see how therapy goes. She is an asset to your team.” Melissa A Simmons, SW, Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village, Munster, IN.

Beth is a great co-worker. I love her upbeat attitude! She is always willing to help. She is a good communicator. This helps the team assess and evaluate the patient and monitor for any other possible medical changes. Beth cares about her staff, patients, and co-workers. She is an excellent co-worker and team player.” Barbara Musch, MDS coordinator, Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village, Munster, IN.

Congratulations, Beth Kortum, on being the PD of the month! You are an asset to our company. Your dedication and hard work is beyond appreciated.