Program Director of the Month: March 2024

Please join us in congratulating Julie Hamilton, PD at The Springs at Stony Brook in Louisville, KY as the PD of the month for March

In 2019 Julie joined Synchrony Rehab as the PD at Friendship Health and Rehab, an elite campus that we partnered with in 2019-2020. As Friendship was closing its doors, Julie transitioned right into the PD role at Stony Brook.  Julie’s transition to Stony Brook was seamless. Almost as if that position had been meant for a PD of her magnitude all along.  She immediately went to work organizing the department and ensuring therapy staff felt supported.  That was evident in the way she ensured her door was always open for staff, residents, and families. Julie has since successfully led and supported this team for the last 4 years, providing excellent therapy outcomes and exceeding financial expectations every year. In the face of a lot of transition at this location, Julie has been a constant for her team and residents.  The loyalty and dedication that Julie has inspired within her team is obvious.  Her team and fellow campus leadership shared a few messages below that express how valued Julie is at Stony Brook.

“Julie is the best PD I’ve ever worked with. She cares about us and goes the extra mile to ensure we feel valued”

“All the things we talk about, LBE, PATD and culture.  Those are all things that Julie embodies.  I’ve never worked with someone so consistent and dedicated. She loves this campus and the team here”

“This therapy department wouldn’t be what we are without her. She’s our backbone”

“Julie defines what it means to be a leader. She works to improve collaboration between therapy and nursing, dietary and other departments within the campus. She gives 150% everyday, all day, and I’m so thankful to have her on our team”

Thank you Julie for your outstanding leadership and for consistently promoting Synchrony’s culture in all that you do!  Area 130 is lucky to have you. Congratulations!