Program Director of the Month/May 2022

Congratulations to Phillip Nash, OTR for being recognized at Synchrony Rehab’s PD of the month for the month of May!  Phil leads a strong and busy team of clinicians at Harbor House in Hingham, MA.  Phil was integral in assisting the Northeast Region with a successful transition to NetHealth serving as a resource not just for his own team, but for other PDs as well!  Phil is a valued member of the interdisciplinary team at his campus and works very closely with MDS, social services and the nursing team to maximize patient outcomes and satisfaction of his residents and customers.  His team often leads the pack with functional outcome efficiencies with great patient progress within short lengths of stay!

Phil has always been and continues to be a great partner for Clinical Reimbursement.  His knowledge of the residents, PDPM and the discharge process has been critical and has held the team together during transitions.  Phil always has the best interest of the resident and their families during their stay and advocates for care and services to ensure the safest discharge plan.  He has a positive outlook and is always willing to help others and do what is needed to get the best possible outcomes, both clinically and financially.  He is a pleasure to partner with.  Jennifer L. Director of Clinical Reimbursement 

For the past 5 months since I became part of the Harbor House Rehabilitation Team, Phil had impressed me with his ability to stay calm during stressful situations that arise in our highly busy Campus. He always handles himself with kindness and he is able to provide positive solutions with compassion for customer, family members as well as Staff.  As a former PD myself, I really appreciate the ways Phil leads our team with fairness, always with a positive demeanor and exceptional communication skills, making our TEAM STRONGER.  Phil is loyal to our customers, staff, and the Synchrony Rehab Company. Julio Q, PT

Phil is a great Rehab manager! He is respected by his staff and works hard to maintain great teamwork. I have received numerous compliments about Phil and his crew from families and patients. He is a pleasure to work with. Jim S, RN DNS of Harbor House

Phil is great to work with. He is a consistent, caring, and competent leader. He is wonderful with all staff, residents, and families. He enjoys his job, and it shines through…. He also has a great laugh.?  Susan J., Executive Director of Harbor House

Thank you, Phil, for all you do day in and day out to better the lives of the residents you serve, to support your team to success, to assist your peers through the transition to NetHealth, to always impress our customers and most importantly, to do it all while still having that great laugh!