Program Director of the Month: September 2022

We congratulate Scott Minghine, PD of the Willows at East Lansing, MI, as Program Director of the month for his outstanding performance for September 2022. Scott has been with Synchrony Rehab for 11+ years and has served as a therapy staff member on several campuses and promoted to PD. Scott is always accommodating and compassionate to our residents and team members. He has solid documentation scores and participates in all Synchrony initiatives. Locally, the campus has become well known for its outpatient therapy program and home health partnership. Most of our residents benefit from the continuum of Synchrony@Home, but several residents from outside of the campus community have been direct referrals as well! His success as a PD precedes attention to detail and leading by example (LBE). Scott has displayed outstanding efficiency and professionalism at all times, and he continually upholds the culture and values of Synchrony. He is a valued asset for Synchrony and deserves this recognition!

The leadership and his team have the following to say about Scott:

“I want to express my gratitude for the fantastic work Scott Minghine has accomplished with our residents. Our residents often say what a great therapy team we have here at Willows at East Lansing. Scott’s leadership of the therapy department reflects his expertise, exceptional work ethic, and commitment to our company’s success. Without Scott’s leadership and servant’s heart, the rehab we promise to our residents and community would not be delivered. The entire team at Willows at East Lansing is incredibly thankful for you. Once again, thank you sincerely for your drive and hard work.”

Wendy, ED

“Scott is very friendly and upbeat even when others are not. He is responsive in bringing me anything I may ever ask or need. I love how his team works together to allow for schedules that work for everyone; that is a testament to his outstanding leadership. I appreciate how Scott tried to get to know me as a person and build that relationship. It did wonders to build my trust and reduce the stress of me being new.”

Amy, MDS Coordiantor

“Scott demonstrated the ability to be a liaison between company and team by keeping the staff informed of new policies, procedures, and expectations. Scott also shows excellent flexibility with his team and understanding of their other commitments. Scott emphasized patients first and reminded everyone that therapy is to reach the patient personally. I am so glad I am part of his team.”

Traci, OTR