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About the Rx@HOME Program

At Synchrony Health Services, we provide your best option for pharmacy services. Our high-tech pharmacy location in Louisville, KY, managed by our experienced, customer-focused team with vast pharmacy leadership, offers flexibility and efficiency to quickly service your employee groups and their dependents. No matter how large or small your employee groups are, we are ready to manage your pharmacy needs. Here are just a few reasons why we’re your best solution:

Solutions Include

30-Day Mail

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How Synchrony Rx@HOME Benefits Your Business

Simply put, we’re here for your business, and we’re here for your teams and their families. From positive employee experiences to population health coverage, to positive impacts to your bottom line, our Rx@HOME solution is good for both employees and business.

Improve Employee Experience

Our dedicated team of pharmacy leaders are focused specifically on employee populations. Feedback is consistently assessed through Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS). With a streamlined prescription transfer process, electronic acceptance, and automated refills, it’s no wonder why our current employee satisfaction scores are trending at greater than 97%.

Improve Employee Health

The Synchrony Pharmacy team has the capability to implement programs that are aligned with your employee health initiatives. We conduct comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) for your high-risk employees in order to ensure they are taking the right medications, at the right dose, and at the right time, ensuring greater patient outcomes.

Savings for Employers

Our primary objective is to reduce employee out-of-pocket costs while also reducing expenditures for self-funded health plans. Our team will assist you in designing an in-house pharmacy plan and formulary management. We expect that self-funded employer-sponsored health plans will see savings of greater than 10% annually.

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