Senior Living Solutions

Synchrony Pharmacy, Rehab and Lab can provide services to the Senior Living Community, and wherever the resident calls home: CCRC, IL, AL, Memory Care, or Home Health. Our continuum of care services provide consistent care along the way which improves communication between locations of care, and reduces burden of staff.

Independent Living

Synchrony’s Independent Living solutions are designed to help Independent Living facilities support the health and well-being of their residents. From on-site rehabilitation and fitness classes, to home health therapies and medication delivery, Synchrony has you covered.

Assisted Living

We are committed to helping our Assisted Living facility partners provide the highest possible care for their residents. Our dedicated therapists, consultant pharmacists, and nurses ensure your residents have access to the care they need, wherever they go.

Memory Care

Synchrony’s Memory Care services take a holistic approach to person-centered care. Our consistent therapy team members integrate into their neighborhood and culture, working closely to provide a functional approach that is based on the person’s personal history and familiar routines. We match each resident’s cognitive ability with task complexity, using the Cognitive Disabilities Model to assess functional performance and tailor our care to each individual’s needs.

Home Health​

From the hospital to home, Synchrony is there every step of the way. Patients experience the peace of mind that comes from a continuity of care as they receive treatment from the same therapist across different stages of their recovery.

For added convenience, Synchrony’s RX@Home program provides medication delivery through PackEDGE, a customized medication solution that sorts and packages the patient’s medications by time of day, with instructions for use.

PackEDGE is So Simple

A customized medication delivery system where your medications are sorted and packaged by time of day, and delivered right to your door in an easy-to-open package.

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We contact your physician to obtain your prescriptions
We schedule your automatic refills, saving your time
We package your medication by time of day and ship to you
We’re available with 24/7 support for any medication needs

MOVES Rehab & Wellness Program

Your community-based therapy solution

The MOVES Rehab & Wellness Program is a community-based therapy solution that increases strength, mobility, and energy, improves balance and mood, and decreases the risk of falls.

Our wellness programs include Synchrony Fit & Synchrony One. Whether your residents need a group class, or a 1-on-1 training session, Synchrony has you covered.

Our SynchronyFIT health & wellness programs empower residents to have fun while staying active!

SynchronyONE provides individualized training sessions with residents to reach their specific fitness goals.

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