Synchrony SET is a collaborative program to reduce initial and repeat falls. We supplement your current programs as well as developing new interventions & strategies that mitigate the risks and costs associated with resident falls. Here’s how it works:

  • Screen — Identify risks for falls.
  • Evaluate — Assess for fall risk factors.
  • Treat — Develop individualized interventions to reduce the risk of falls


Our therapists review all medications as part of resident evaluation and treatments. Through communication and collaboration with our pharmacists, plans of care are created with that input to result in the best resident outcomes. The result of this collaboration allows us to provide the most effective treatment during the rehabilitative process.

We ACT on our Collaboration:

  • Assess Medications
  • Coordinate Care
  • Treat the patient from a more holistic point of view


Through our MAP Program, our pharmacy and therapy teams work hand-in-hand to empower residents for independence with their medications.

  • We assess residents’ ability to actively participate in the administration of their medication
  • Coordination of care through the IDT
  • Discharge planning to the next level of care or for continued independence in the current setting

Program Outcomes

See how our collaboration is making a difference in resident safety in the figure below. Through SET, Synchrony was able to significantly reduce falls with major injury, improving the health and wellbeing of residents, and saving medical costs associated with falls.

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