Success Story: Alice Parsons

Violet Springs

"The therapists here at Violet Springs knew I wanted to walk and they got me there."

Resident Story

Before her injury, Alice enjoyed an active lifestyle, exploring her passion for antiquing with her husband and relishing the simple joys of everyday life. However, a fall at home left her with a fractured hip, and she arrived at Violet Springs feeling uncertain about her future. “Most women your age who break a hip are mostly confined to bed or wheelchair,” one of her doctors had warned her.

However, Alice was determined not to let this setback define her. Her primary goal when she started therapy was simple yet crucial: to walk to the bathroom independently. With the support and guidance of the cheerful and dedicated therapists at Violet Springs, Alice not only achieved her goal but surpassed it. From being bed level, she progressed to walking without any assistance, proudly wearing her Skecher shoes. Reflecting on her journey, Alice expressed her gratitude, saying, “You guys literally saved my life.”

Alice also had high praise for the staff at Violet Springs, noting their kindness and the delicious food. She found the therapy experience to be even better than she had hoped, both professional and personal. Now, as she leaves Violet Springs, Alice is not just walking again; she’s walking tall, ready to embrace life’s adventures once more.

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