Success Story: Becky Hohman

St. Andrews Health Campus

"The therapists genuinely care – I am immensely thankful for their expertise and kindness."

Resident Story

Becky Hohman’s remarkable journey at St. Andrews Health Campus, guided by the compassionate care of Synchrony Rehab, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Faced with adversity, Becky’s story began with a poignant moment – her husband’s stroke and the unintended consequence of a broken hip during the ensuing chaos. Undeterred, Becky embraced the challenges with unwavering determination.

Throughout her rehabilitation, Becky’s resilience shone brightly. The dedicated team at Synchrony Rehab, stationed at St. Andrews Health Campus, crafted a personalized program to help her regain strength and mobility. Becky’s commitment to the rigorous rehabilitation process, coupled with the support of healthcare professionals, culminated in a triumphant homecoming yesterday. Her return symbolizes not only her own victory but also serves as an inspiration to others facing unexpected hurdles. In the face of adversity, Becky’s story reminds us that with perseverance and a supportive community, we can transform challenges into triumphs.

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