Success Story: Beverly Jackson

Briar Hill North Baltimore

"They are very good, 10 out of 10. They did an excellent job. I am proud of them and what I have been able to accomplish."

Resident Story

Beverly Jackson’s remarkable journey to recovery at Briar Hill North Baltimore began with a challenging chapter marked by a battle against COVID-19, multiple falls, and injuries to her left side. Following a week-long hospital stay, Beverly found herself at Briar Hill, initially struggling with severe back and hip pain, making even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable. Motivation was scarce, but her therapists, whom she rates a perfect 10 out of 10, provided unwavering support and guidance.

In the face of adversity, Beverly’s determination prevailed during therapy sessions, gradually restoring her strength and mobility. With a clear goal in mind – to return to her cherished crafts and bingo games – Beverly not only achieved but surpassed her objectives. Now, she stands proudly as a testament to the effectiveness of her rehabilitation, able to walk, sit, dress, and manage daily activities independently. As she eagerly anticipates returning home, Beverly reflects on the transformative impact of her therapy at Briar Hill North Baltimore, expressing gratitude for the exceptional care that played a pivotal role in her remarkable recovery.

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