Success Story: Brigid K.

Sanders Ridge Health Campus

"I have had a wonderful experience here with all of the staff."

Resident Story

Bridgid’s incredible rehabilitation journey at Sanders Ridge Health Campus is a story of resilience and triumph that radiates positivity. A seemingly simple fall when reaching over her bed led Bridgid on a path she never anticipated, but her unwavering spirit and the dedicated support she found at the facility transformed her experience into one of empowerment.

Before her journey through rehab, Bridgid’s world was adorned with art and serene walks, showcasing her zest for life. While occasionally using her husband’s rollator, Bridgid primarily relied on her own balance for movement. Yet, the fall rendered her unable to perform basic tasks like standing, walking, or transferring. Determined to regain her independence, Bridgid embarked on her recovery journey at Sanders Ridge.

From the moment she started therapy, Bridgid had a clear goal in mind – to regain her ability to carry out daily activities and transfers independently. Guided by the compassionate Synchrony Rehab therapists at the facility, Bridgid’s perseverance paid off, bringing her astonishingly close to achieving her aspiration. With each step forward, her experience was uplifted by the unwavering support she received, fostering a sense of positivity and progress.

Today, Bridgid’s transformation is a beacon of hope. She has reclaimed her ability to walk, manage stairs, and dress herself, proving that determination coupled with expert care can lead to remarkable outcomes. Her journey at Sanders Ridge Health Campus not only granted her physical strength but also introduced her to a community of wonderful individuals who played a role in her uplifting tale of triumph.

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