Success Story: Carol B.

Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village

"My therapists were the best! They were outstanding and patient. They taught me so much and I even had so much fun!"

Resident Story

In the heartwarming story of Carol, a triumphant rehabilitation journey at Rehabilitation Center at Hartsfield Village has brought back the spark to her life. After a fall resulting in a broken hip, Carol’s world took an unexpected turn. However, her unwavering determination and the support of her remarkable therapists propelled her towards an inspiring recovery.

Before her accident, Carol enjoyed an active lifestyle filled with hobbies and activities that brought her joy. But the fall left her grappling with challenges that once seemed insurmountable – she couldn’t dress herself, use the bathroom independently, transfer, or even walk. Yet, with an indomitable spirit, Carol set her sights on reclaiming her previous life and all the activities she cherished.

Driven by her desire to regain her independence, Carol embarked on a focused journey of therapy. With her therapists’ exceptional guidance, patience, and skill, Carol steadily progressed towards her goals. Through their support and her dedication, Carol not only achieved her aspirations but also found herself having fun during the process. Today, Carol stands as a shining testament to the power of resilience and rehabilitation. With her newfound abilities, including walking with a rollator, dressing herself, and using the toilet independently, Carol is now equipped to embrace life once again, embodying the essence of determination and triumph.

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