Success Story: Scott Becker

Westlake Health Campus

"Awesome, caring, encouraging, and helpful!"

Resident Story

Scott Becker’s rehabilitation journey at West Lake Health Campus is a testament to determination and the positive impact of skilled therapy. Scott underwent a total right hip replacement, a significant procedure that brought him to West Lake for rehabilitation. Before his hip replacement, Scott enjoyed the freedom of walking without hindrance. However, post-surgery, he faced the challenge of being unable to walk more than 20 feet with a walker, significantly impacting his mobility.

With a clear goal in mind, Scott embarked on his therapy journey, aspiring to walk up 14 steps. Thanks to the guidance of the awesome, caring, encouraging, and helpful therapists at West Lake Health Campus, Scott not only achieved but exceeded his goal. His dedication, combined with the expert support from the therapy team, enabled him to regain the ability to walk with a two-wheel walker. As Scott prepares to return home, he carries with him the success of his rehabilitation journey, a testament to the transformative power of focused therapy and a positive mindset.

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