Success Story: Elizabeth Carpenter

Waterford Crossing

Resident Story

Elizabeth Carpenter’s journey at Waterford Crossing with Synchrony Rehab is nothing short of remarkable. Facing her second stroke in just two months, Elizabeth encountered significant challenges upon her arrival. “I couldn’t stand, eat with my right hand, walk a step, or even press the buttons on the TV remote,” she recalls. Determined to regain her independence, Elizabeth embarked on her rehabilitation journey with unwavering determination.

Prior to her strokes, Elizabeth led an active life as an antique appraiser and dealer, relishing in her ability to walk without assistance and navigate her electric scooter with ease. However, her strokes left her unable to perform even the most basic tasks. With the guidance and support of her dedicated therapists at Waterford Crossing, including Danielle, Lily, Esther, and Viva, Elizabeth set her sights on one goal: to reclaim her mobility. Through their expertise and encouragement, Elizabeth surpassed her expectations, achieving remarkable progress in her rehabilitation journey.

Today, Elizabeth stands tall as a testament to the power of resilience and skilled therapy. With her newfound abilities, including walking with a walker, navigating stairs, and using her right hand for everyday tasks, Elizabeth has reclaimed her independence and embraced life once more. Grateful for the unwavering support of her therapy team, Elizabeth looks to the future with optimism and gratitude.

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