Success Story: Frances Johnson

Lakes of Sylvania

"Everybody was great. Everyone was very friendly. The whole team was amazing and helped me achieve my goals."

Resident Story

Frances Johnson’s journey at Lakes of Sylvania began after she found herself weak and unable to care for herself following two surgeries. Previously, Frances had been entirely independent, enjoying activities like driving, visiting friends, and shopping without any limitations. However, the surgeries left her unable to even get out of bed or perform basic tasks independently. Determined to regain her independence, Frances began her rehabilitation journey at Lakes of Sylvania with one clear goal in mind: to regain her ability to shower, walk, and get out of bed on her own.

With the support of her dedicated therapists, Frances made incredible progress. She speaks highly of her experience, praising the entire team for their friendliness and support. Thanks to their help, Frances achieved her goal of regaining her independence and is now able to return home with confidence. Grateful for the top-notch care she received, Frances is eager to continue her journey to recovery, knowing that she has the support of the wonderful team at Lakes of Sylvania.

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