Success Story: Gary B.

Oaks at Bathesda

"I can describe my therapist in one word great. More worried about me than getting home to their family."

Resident Story

After suffering a stroke in June of 2023, Gary’s world was temporarily altered. However, his unyielding determination and the expert care of his therapists propelled him towards an inspiring comeback.

Prior to his stroke, Gary thrived on hands-on activities like building structures, roofing, and even tackling tree-cutting. He was a man of action, adeptly maneuvering through life’s tasks, from driving to mowing. But the stroke led to a series of challenges – he couldn’t stand, walk, use his left hand, or even manage basic tasks like getting out of bed or using the bathroom. Faced with these obstacles, Gary set his sights on reclaiming his independence and self-sufficiency.

With a heart full of hope and a goal of regaining autonomy, Gary began his therapy journey. The therapists at Synchrony Rehab Center quickly became his guiding lights. In his own words, they were “great,” putting his needs above all else. Their dedication enabled Gary to progress from being unable to stand or walk to confidently moving with a rolling walker. Today, as he looks back on his remarkable transformation, Gary is a living testament to the strength of the human will and the importance of dedicated care. He cherishes the facility that brought him back to his feet and wholeheartedly recommends Synchrony Rehab Center as the place where his resilience was nurtured back to life.

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