Success Story: George Roe

Willows at Bowling Green

"They would push me enough to achieve my goal. They are all wonderful. Kind. Generous. Very caring."

Resident Story

George Roe, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his remarkable journey at Willows at Bowling Green. Battling COPD and a recent bout of COVID-19, George found himself struggling with his lung health, requiring oxygen and multiple hospital visits. However, his determination never wavered. Before his health struggles, George was an active man, caring for himself, enjoying hobbies like gardening, golfing, and spending time with his grandchildren. But when he arrived at Willows, even simple tasks like walking and climbing stairs seemed insurmountable due to shortness of breath.

Despite the challenges, George had one clear goal in mind: to regain his strength. Thanks to the dedicated team of therapists at Willows, George not only achieved but exceeded his goal. With their encouragement and support, George can now walk without difficulty and confidently navigate stairs. His progress has been nothing short of remarkable, and he’s looking forward to getting back to the activities he loves, especially mowing at the golf course. When asked about his experience, George had nothing but praise for his therapists, describing them as wonderful, kind, and caring individuals who pushed him just enough to achieve his goals. George’s journey is a testament to his resilience and the incredible support he received at Willows at Bowling Green.

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