Success Story: Judith Roberts

The Lakes of Sylvania

"They supported me through my journey and pushed me forward. Everyone on the team is great. The whole team is a 10."

Resident Story

Meet Judith Roberts, a resilient adventurer whose active lifestyle took an unexpected turn when a hiking accident left her with a broken ankle. Undeterred, Judith embarked on a transformative rehabilitation journey at Lakes of Sylvania, guided by the expertise of the Synchrony Rehab team. Prior to her injury, Judith reveled in the joys of driving independently between Michigan and Florida, savoring the freedom of an active life.

Arriving at Lakes of Sylvania with a determination to regain her mobility, Judith faced the daunting task of rebuilding strength. Her goal was crystal clear – to walk independently, care for herself, and return home, particularly to her cherished winters in Florida. The tireless support and encouragement from the dedicated therapists propelled Judith beyond her aspirations. Today, she strides proudly without her boot, equipped with the newfound ability to navigate independently with a walker, marking the triumphant completion of her rehabilitation journey.

Judith attributes her success to the exceptional team at Lakes of Sylvania, praising their unwavering support and the motivating push that made her rehabilitation both effective and enjoyable. She emphasizes the importance of choosing a rehabilitation facility with a caring and supportive staff, assuring others that at Lakes of Sylvania, they will find both. Judith concludes with a delightful note about the delicious food, underscoring the significance of a positive environment in the recovery process. Judith’s story serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience, determination, and transformative power of rehabilitation in a nurturing setting.

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