Success Story: Karen V.

Amber Manor Care Center

"The therapists were excellent and very professional. They were a pleasure to work with."

Resident Story

Karen V’s journey at Amber Manor Care Center is an inspiring tale of recovery, determination, and the unwavering support of skilled therapists. Following a severe fall on March 26th that resulted in left arm surgery, Karen arrived at Amber Manor on March 31, determined to regain her independence. With daily therapy sessions focusing on her left leg and arm, Karen’s journey was not without challenges, but her spirit remained unyielding.

Before her fall, Karen was an active individual with a love for gardening, traveling, and reading. She relished her independence, driving, and managing all activities of daily life. However, her accident left her unable to use her left leg and arm. Learning to transfer with only her right side was a painful process, but Karen’s progress was marked by perseverance and gradual improvement.

Karen’s primary goal was to regain the ability to transfer herself, which would grant her newfound freedom. With the guidance of Amber Manor’s therapists, Karen not only achieved this goal but went above and beyond. She can now drive, dress herself, and move independently. Karen speaks highly of her therapists, describing them as excellent, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Their expertise and compassion played a crucial role in Karen’s recovery journey.

Reflecting on her achievements, Karen expresses her gratitude to everyone who supported her along the way. The road to recovery was indeed long, but the collaboration between Karen and her therapists made it a fulfilling one. Amber Manor Care Center, with its dedicated staff and personalized care, provided Karen not only with rehabilitation but also with a renewed sense of independence and vitality.

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