Success Story: Kathy Riley

St. Andrews Health Center

"The therapists were excellent!"

Resident Story

Kathy Riley, a resilient individual, recently celebrated the completion of her rehabilitation journey at St. Andrews Health Center. Kathy’s journey began with a traumatic incident—a fall that resulted in a cracked skull and a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Despite the challenges, Kathy was determined to regain her independence and return to the life she loved.

Before her accident, Kathy was entirely self-sufficient, taking care of her house and finding joy in activities like cooking and cleaning. However, the TBI left her unable to carry on conversations, walk, or even feed herself. Undeterred, Kathy entered therapy at St. Andrews Health Center with a clear goal in mind: to have her thoughts in order so she could engage in meaningful conversations. Through the dedicated efforts of the excellent therapists at the center, Kathy not only achieved her goal but surpassed it. Her excitement is palpable as she joyfully declares that she is now able to go home and resume the activities she loves. Kathy’s positive spirit and the support she received at St. Andrews Health Center showcase the transformative power of rehabilitation and determination in overcoming life-altering challenges.

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