Success Story: Steven F.

Wooden Glen Health Campus

Resident Story

During Steve’s time at Wooded Glen, he received speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy following a stroke. Initially, he faced challenges such as being unable to walk, dress himself, or eat by mouth. However, with the dedicated support of the PT/OT/ST teams, he made remarkable progress.

His most significant success came through speech therapy, where he went from being on a non-per-oral (NPO) diet to eventually returning to a regular one. Additionally, he showed improvement on his cognitive assessments, allowing him to pass prior to his discharge.

An endearing moment occurred during his speech therapy sessions when he shared a dream with his therapist: he imagined himself savoring lasagna from Olive Garden. This dream was particularly poignant as he was unable to eat by mouth at the time. In response, the speech therapist made a heartfelt promise – that once he could return to a regular diet, he would have his cherished lasagna.

The speech therapist and the Life Enrichment department joined forces to make this dream come true. They organized a Live A Dream event that involved a special trip to Olive Garden. To make the day even more memorable, his daughter surprised him by joining the gathering.

Together, they enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Olive Garden, and for dessert, he even had the opportunity to indulge in a piece of chocolate lasagna. This heartwarming journey of recovery and fulfillment truly demonstrates the power of therapy, determination, and the support of loved ones.

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