Success Story: Mary Lou R.

The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus

"Kind, patient, I'm very happy with my therapists!"

Resident Story

Mary Lou’s journey at The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus is nothing short of inspirational. Just a short while ago, she found herself in a situation where even getting up to go to the bathroom became a daunting task due to dizziness. It was her son’s concern that led to a wellness check, ultimately bringing her to The Oaks at Woodfield.

Before her health challenges, Mary Lou was an active person. Her daily routine included showering, making her bed, enjoying a cup of coffee, and driving to the store. However, her world took a sudden turn, and she lost her ability to do even the simplest tasks. Rolling over, using the toilet, and walking seemed like distant dreams. She had never relied on a wheelchair before, and the adjustment was tough.

Throughout her rehabilitation journey, Mary Lou had a clear goal in mind – to return home and regain her ability to walk. While she acknowledges that her activities might not be the same as they were before, her determination shone brightly. Thanks to the dedicated and caring therapists at The Oaks at Woodfield, Mary Lou made incredible progress. Their kindness, patience, and expertise played a pivotal role in her recovery.

Now, Mary Lou can proudly say that she can walk, transfer to the toilet, and dress herself. While she might not be driving or strolling around the store just yet, her accomplishments are a testament to her resilience and the excellent care she received at The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus. Mary Lou’s story serves as a reminder that with determination and the right support, remarkable transformations are possible, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

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