Success Story: Michael Julian

The Glen

"I couldn't do it without all of you, thank you so much. Everyone here goes above and does any task even if it's not there job."

Resident Story

Michael Julian, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his inspiring journey at The Glen after a challenging ankle fracture. Before his accident, Mike was an independent individual, enjoying life to the fullest, driving around, and managing his daily activities effortlessly. However, a fall at home changed everything, leaving him unable to walk, perform basic tasks, or even go back to his own home.

But Mike’s spirit was unbreakable. His goal was simple yet profound: he wanted to walk again. With determination and the support of the dedicated therapists at The Glen, Mike worked tirelessly. His gratitude overflowed as he spoke about his therapists, saying, “I couldn’t do it without all of you, thank you so much.” Their relentless support, combined with Mike’s hard work, paid off. Now, Mike is not just walking again, but he’s also returning home, his independence reclaimed, with a walker by his side. He’s not just grateful for the regained strength but also for the incredible support he received from the staff at The Glen. With a heart full of gratitude, Mike is ready to embrace life once more, knowing that he’s overcome this hurdle with a little help from his friends.

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