Success Story: Paul Sillin

The Glen

"Very helpful!"

Resident Story

After suffering an ankle fracture from a fall in the community, Paul found himself at The Glen Health Campus, unable to bear weight and needing assistance with daily tasks. However, with unwavering support from his therapists and his own relentless spirit, Paul embarked on a rehabilitation journey that began in January. Initially, Paul was non-weight bearing and faced numerous challenges, but his hard work and commitment to therapy enabled him to gradually regain his strength and independence.

Before his fall, Paul was a highly independent individual, actively participating in community activities and enjoying various hobbies. The rehabilitation process was arduous, but Paul remained focused on his ultimate goal: to walk again. With the help of the dedicated staff at The Glen Health Campus, he made remarkable progress. Initially using a walker, Paul eventually transitioned to outpatient physical therapy, where he continued to improve. Today, Paul proudly walks without any assistive devices, drives, and completes all his desired tasks independently. His story is a shining example of how perseverance and excellent care can lead to a full and triumphant recovery.

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