Success Story: Peggy C.

Amber Manor Care Center

"All the therapists were wonderful. I tell everyone I meet about them. All the therapists were very patient, kind, and helped me tremendously."

Resident Story

In the heartening journey of Peggy, a recent graduate of Synchrony Rehab Center, a sudden gust of wind at the grocery store turned her life’s trajectory in a new direction. Falling victim to the wind’s force, Peggy suffered a fracture in her right femur that led to surgery for an IM nail fixation. Her resilience brought her to the Amber Manor Care Center to regain her strength and independence. Before her incident, Peggy cherished the simple joys of walking, often without assistance, and occasionally relied on a straight cane. Her passions for quilting and exploring the world with her husband were a vibrant part of her life, with Maine being a cherished travel destination.

Upon arriving at the facility, Peggy’s challenges seemed overwhelming. Once accustomed to her autonomy, she now faced the difficulty of seeking help for even the simplest tasks. However, her determination fueled her therapy goals. She yearned to rise from her bed and walk independently, rekindling her love for travel. With unwavering dedication, Peggy embarked on her rehabilitation journey, and the results were remarkable. After a month at Amber Manor, she returned home with the aid of a walker. Six weeks of outpatient services further enhanced her progress, and she triumphantly graduated with a straight cane, experiencing a renewed sense of independence.

Peggy’s admiration for her therapists shines brightly. She describes them as a beacon of patience, kindness, and unwavering support. Their dedication was pivotal in her success. Now, Peggy finds herself grocery shopping and tending to household tasks once again. Her story reverberates with gratitude for the facility and its therapeutic interventions. While she misses her time there, she carries forward the lessons learned and the strength gained, showcasing that with resilience, determination, and the support of a caring community, every challenge can be met with triumph.

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