Success Story: Donnis Siferd

Briar Hill North Baltimore

"My therapists were kind, gentle, and let me rest when I needed it."

Resident Story

Donnis Siferd’s rehabilitation journey at Briar Hill North Baltimore is a testament to resilience and determination. After a puzzling incident where she fell while working on her puzzle and subsequently discovered a broken hip, Donnis exhibited remarkable strength. Before her injury, she led a vibrant life, managing household chores, cooking, baking, and attending church weekly. However, the broken hip left her unable to put weight on her left leg, compromising her independence and ability to care for herself.

Despite these challenges, Donnis approached therapy with a clear goal – to walk again and return home. With the support of kind and gentle therapists at Briar Hill North Baltimore, Donnis not only achieved but surpassed her goal. Her dedication and their expertise resulted in her regaining the ability to walk, marking a triumphant moment in her rehabilitation journey. Donnis’ story is a shining example of the positive impact of rehabilitation, resilience, and the invaluable support of a compassionate healthcare team. As she prepares to return home, she leaves behind a legacy of strength and determination for others to draw inspiration from.

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