Success Story: Richard Lane

Ambor Manor Care Center

"I don't know of a rating high enough for my therapist at Amber Manor. They are all good people."

Resident Story

Richard Lane’s journey to recovery began on January 4 when he suffered a hip fracture from a fall. Transferred to Amber Manor on January 7, Richard faced significant challenges. Unable to stand and restricted to non-weight-bearing status on his left leg for six weeks, he required maximum assistance for bed mobility and transfers. This was a stark contrast to his life before the accident, where he enjoyed complete independence—walking unaided, driving, mowing his lawn, and crafting tables in his workshop to give as gifts.

Determined to regain his independence, Richard’s primary goal upon starting therapy was to walk again. Thanks to the dedicated and compassionate team at Amber Manor, he gradually progressed from using a walker to a quad cane. His therapists, whom he praised as exceptional and caring individuals, guided him through his rehabilitation. Richard’s perseverance paid off, allowing him to return home with minimal assistance from his wife. Now, he is back to doing nearly everything he loves, including driving. Richard’s story is a testament to the remarkable care at Amber Manor, where he found not just professional support but a loving community dedicated to his recovery.

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