Success Story: Ruth H.

The Oaks at Northpointe Woods

"I enjoyed my therapy! They helped me tremendously!"

Resident Story

Ruth Hagen’s journey at The Oaks at Northpointe Woods is nothing short of inspiring. This year, Ruth faced multiple health complications, leading her to seek rehabilitation services at the facility. Her most recent visit was prompted by a knee replacement surgery. Before her health challenges, Ruth was an active individual who enjoyed her hobbies and activities. She often used her electric scooter for mobility, with her loving husband assisting her with dressing and bathing.

Upon her arrival at The Oaks, Ruth faced the challenge of not being able to walk due to increased pain in her legs. However, her determination to regain her mobility was unwavering. Ruth’s primary goal was clear: she wanted to walk again. Thanks to the exceptional therapy provided by the dedicated team at The Oaks, Ruth made remarkable progress. She now walks short distances with the assistance of a walker, a testament to her perseverance and the effectiveness of her therapy.

Ruth’s experience with her therapists, Lauren, Elizabeth, and Meredith, was nothing short of positive. She enjoyed her sessions and acknowledges the tremendous help she received from them. Now, Ruth has regained her independence. She can walk, dress, and bathe by herself, a testament to her hard work and the support she received at The Oaks at Northpointe Woods. Ruth’s story is a shining example of how determination, combined with outstanding rehabilitation services, can lead to incredible results.

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