Success Story: Ralph Garber

Waterford Crossing

"Very thorough!"

Resident Story

Ralph Garber, an indomitable spirit, recently marked the completion of his rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing, overcoming a challenging health ordeal. His journey began with two rounds of pneumonia and a severe reaction to a new medication, which affected his kidney function, leading to the initiation of dialysis. Before these health setbacks, Ralph led an active life operating a skid loader and working on the farm.

Upon arriving at Waterford Crossing, Ralph faced the challenge of weakened mobility and balance issues, making it difficult to walk with a cane. Despite these obstacles, his primary goal in therapy was clear: to stand up straight and walk again. While he is still working on achieving this goal, Ralph expresses determination and resilience. He credits the thoroughness of his therapists at Waterford Crossing for their support and guidance in his rehabilitation journey. Currently, Ralph has made significant progress, now able to walk with a front-wheeled walker, showcasing the positive impact of rehabilitation on his mobility and overall well-being. His story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of dedicated therapy.

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