Success Story: Theresa G.

The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus

"Excellent! They are caring and persistent!"

Resident Story

Introducing Theresa, an extraordinary Synchrony Rehab patient who recently completed her incredible journey at The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus. Theresa’s story began when she suffered a stroke, leaving her unable to speak or move. Prior to her stroke, Theresa enjoyed various hobbies, such as crocheting, coloring, crafting, and savoring her daily cup of coffee. She didn’t possess a driver’s license, opting to walk to nearby stores and doctors’ appointments from her apartment.

Upon her arrival at The Oaks at Woodfield, Theresa faced formidable challenges after spending four weeks in the hospital’s rehabilitation unit. Simple tasks, like getting dressed, walking, and using the bathroom, had become daunting hurdles. Nevertheless, Theresa possessed a resolute determination and a clear goal: to regain her independence and perform these tasks on her own.

Thanks to the exceptional therapy and unwavering support provided by the staff at The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus, Theresa not only achieved her goals but surpassed them. With the assistance of a walker, she reclaimed her ability to walk, mastered dressing herself, skillfully brushed her hair, and became fully self-reliant in using the bathroom. What’s more, Theresa was once again able to relish her morning ritual of brewing her own coffee.

Theresa’s story is a shining testament to her resilience and the exceptional care provided by The Oaks at Woodfield Health Campus. Their dedication and persistence not only aided Theresa in regaining her independence but also empowered her to embrace life with renewed vigor. Theresa’s journey serves as a remarkable example of how determination and a supportive healthcare team can lead to extraordinary success in rehabilitating patients and enhancing their quality of life.

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