Success Story: Thomas Cissel

Harrison Trail Health Campus

"kind, thoughtful, knows what they are doing, tough at times for my own good.."

Resident Story

Thomas Cissel, a resilient individual, recently completed his remarkable rehabilitation journey at Harrison Trail Health Campus. Thomas faced significant challenges, having suffered a stroke in spring 2021. Unfortunately, in March 2022, he lost his right leg due to an infection on the affected side of the stroke, making it impossible to use a prosthetic due to weakness on his right side. These setbacks led him to become a long-term care resident as he was unable to care for himself. Despite facing insurance denials for a powerchair, Thomas remained determined to regain his independence.

Before the stroke, Thomas led an active lifestyle, enjoying flying airplanes, playing golf, and indulging in his love for reading. However, after the stroke, he found himself unable to perform even the most basic activities due to severe impairment on his right side. His main goal upon starting therapy was to regain independence, a formidable challenge that he embraced with unwavering determination.

Thomas’s positive attitude, coupled with the support of the kind, thoughtful, and skilled therapists at Harrison Trail Health Campus, propelled him toward success. Through their guidance, he regained movement in his right arm and hand, strengthened his core, and acquired the ability to use a slideboard. Most importantly, Thomas achieved the independence he yearned for, being able to navigate the facility on his own. His inspiring journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and the impact of dedicated rehabilitation professionals.

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