Success Story: Ruth Wolf

Waterford Crossing

"Good, nice, and very helpful. I am going to miss them."

Resident Story

Ruth Wolf, a resilient individual, recently celebrated the completion of her rehabilitation journey at Waterford Crossing. Her story began with a fall on her right hip at home, fortunately, with her son by her side, ensuring that no bones were broken. Before the incident, Ruth used a rollator and found joy in assembling puzzles, framing them, and assisting fellow residents in her independent living home. However, the fall presented new challenges, particularly in maintaining her morning routine independently.

Upon entering therapy, Ruth’s primary goal was to regain the ability to walk, a desire fueled by determination. With the unwavering support of good, nice, and helpful therapists at Waterford Crossing, she not only achieved but surpassed her goal. Ruth expresses deep gratitude for the therapeutic assistance received and acknowledges the positive impact of her therapists, whom she will miss. As she looks forward to returning home, Ruth is excited about walking with a new rollator, showcasing the transformative power of rehabilitation and the resilience of the human spirit. Her inspiring journey is a testament to the importance of perseverance and the positive impact of a supportive rehabilitation environment.

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