Success Story: William “Phil” G.

The Maples at Waterford Crossing

"I think the reason it worked was because of the drive the therapist used!"

Resident Story

The Maples at Waterford Crossing proudly celebrates the triumphant journey of William “Phil” G., who has emerged from his rehabilitation with renewed strength and determination. Phil’s path to recovery began with a dental infection that spiraled, infiltrating his body and targeting his lower lumbar region, ultimately leading to back surgery. The pain he endured prior to the operation was excruciating, and the driving force behind his therapy was the fervent desire to regain his independence and return home.

In the days before his health challenges, Phil led an active life tending to Jersey cows on Gordon Farms in Rand County. He cherished his independence and was accustomed to driving himself wherever he needed to go. However, the infection left him helpless, unable to dress, shower, walk, or even rise from his bed. The once self-sufficient individual struggled to function in his own home.

Phil’s determination to conquer his pain and rebuild his strength ignited a fire within him as he embarked on his rehabilitation journey. After the surgery, the pain subsided, and he found himself newly motivated to progress. His therapists at The Maples at Waterford Crossing played an indispensable role in his success. Their unwavering drive and daily reinforcement kept Phil focused on his goals.

The results are nothing short of remarkable—Phil now walks with increased confidence, dresses independently, manages his showers, and effortlessly handles daily activities. He proudly achieved a significant milestone, walking an impressive 20 feet. Phil’s story is a testament to the incredible transformation possible with determination and unwavering support. His message to others is clear—therapy may appear daunting initially, but once embraced, it paves the way to success, turning dreams into reality.

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