Success Story: William Shelton

St. Andrews Health Center

"Everyone has been amazing!"

Resident Story

William Shelton, a Synchrony Rehab patient, recently completed his inspiring journey at St. Andrews Health Center. Despite facing challenges, William’s determination and the support of his therapists helped him make remarkable progress.

After experiencing a heart attack and foot surgery, William found himself at St. Andrews Health Center. Before his health setbacks, William enjoyed making candy, fishing, and hunting. However, his mobility was limited, and he struggled with lifting.

With the support of his dedicated therapists, William set a goal to walk again, with or without a cane. Thanks to his hard work and the guidance of his “super” therapists, he was almost able to achieve his goal, now using a walker with confidence.

Filled with gratitude, William expressed his appreciation for the amazing support he received. Now, as he completes his therapy, William is eager to return home, filled with renewed strength and determination, ready to embrace life’s adventures once again.

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