Success Story: Devona B.

Aspen Place Health Campus

"The OT and PT's are exceptional and do their best to get you stronger and independent."

Resident Story

Devona underwent back fusions and required rehabilitation to regain strength and eventually return home. Prior to seeking assistance from Synchrony Rehab, Devona enjoyed engaging in various activities such as camping, fishing, and cooking. However, since the back fusions, she has been unable to pursue the activities she once loved.

What were you unable to do when you came here?

After her back fusions, Devona’s ability to engage in activities she once enjoyed was greatly impacted. She couldn’t perform simple tasks such as putting a roast in the oven or participate in activities like camping. Additionally, she struggled to clean and organize her house as she desired.

What are you able to do after you received this therapy?

Devona feels like she can return to doing all the things she previously loved.

How would you describe your therapists here?

Everyone is kind, fun, caring, and compassionate. The OT and PT’s are exceptional and do their best to get you stronger and more independent.

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