Success Story: Frank M.

Stone Rehab & Senior Living

"Wonderful, caring, encouraging, knowledgeable."

Resident Story

Meet Frank, a tenacious individual whose unwavering spirit prevailed through the challenges of Parkinson’s disease and a septic upper respiratory infection. Once an active enthusiast, Frank enjoyed leisurely walks with his wife using a trusty walker, immersing himself in the world of newspapers, and effortlessly navigating TV channels. The routine of self-care was second nature, from dressing himself to brushing his teeth and shaving.

However, life took an unexpected turn, robbing Frank of his independence. His ability to walk, dress, and maintain his personal hygiene became insurmountable obstacles. Yet, fueled by the burning desire to regain his freedom, Frank embarked on a rigorous rehabilitation journey. Guided by a team of compassionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging therapists, Frank’s determination found a renewed purpose. With each passing day, he conquered his challenges, gradually mastering the art of walking longer distances with his walker. His progress was remarkable – from improving his stand-and-pivot technique to deftly navigating his way around a chair, commode, and bed. As Frank reflects on his triumphant path, he extends his heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional therapists who turned his aspirations into reality, allowing him to return home with newfound strength and accomplishment.

What were you not able to do when you came here?

“Walk. I needed help dressing and washing. Brushing teeth and shave feeding myself was also a struggle.”

What are you able to do after you received this therapy?

“I can now walk longer times with a walker. I am better at standing and pivoting to a chair.”

How would you describe your therapists here?

“Wonderful, caring, encouraging, knowledgeable.”

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