Success Story: Hazel B.

North Baltimore, OH

"The therapist were genuinely good people. They really cared about you."

Resident Story

Before receiving assistance from Synchrony Rehabilitation, Hazel was in and out of the hospital after gall bladder surgery and Rheumatoid Arthritis, with her longest stay lasting an entire month. She was unable to walk without a walker or get out of bed or chairs without significant assistance.

What were you unable to do when you came here?

I had extreme difficulty with my mobility and was dually impacted after RA and gallbladder surgery. I was in chronic pain and wanted to have my own mobile independence and move freely about my own home.

What are you able to do after you received this therapy?

I am able to get around and be independently mobile. I am able to get up and go, whenever, wherever I want at home.

How would you describe your therapists here?

Great! Good people. Friendly, homely atmosphere. [They] genuinely care about you!

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