Success Story: Ralph A.

Lawrenceburg, IN

"The therapists were a great group of young ladies who helped me get up and going again!"

Resident Story

Before receiving assistance from Synchrony Rehabilitation, Ralph was unable to talk, eat on his own, or perform self-care tasks. His ability to perform most daily duties and tasks was but a dream.

What were you unable to do when you came here?

I had extreme difficulty with my ability to walk and perform basic self-care tasks. I was physically unable to speak and form complete sentences with clarity.

What are you able to do after you received this therapy?

I am able to get around and be independently mobile. I am even able to speak clearly and communicate with my friends and family.

How would you describe your therapists here?

I feel the therapists are a great group of young ladies who really worked hard to get me up and going again.

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