Success Story: William B.

The therapists were excellent; very helpful and optimistic. They always pushed me to do my best."

Resident Story

Before receiving assistance from Synchrony, William suffered a stroke and several falls at home, resulting in three broken ribs, weakness, and chronic pain. He was unable to walk without a four-wheel walker or get in and out of bed or chairs without additional help.

What were you unable to do when you came here?

I had extreme difficulty with mobility after suffering a stroke and breaking three ribs after a fall. I was in extreme pain and wanted to be able to walk and gain back my independence.

What are you able to do after you received this therapy?

I am able to stand for long period of times, travel up and down stairs and nearly able to walk independently again. I have improved significantly from where I was. I feel I am getting closer every day to surpassing my goal.

How would you describe your therapists here?

EXCELLENT! Everyone has been helpful and optimistic and always pushed me to do my best!

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