Synchrony Achieves an Impressive NPS® Score of 59

Synchrony Health Services proudly announces a notable achievement in customer satisfaction with a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 59 in our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey. NPS®, a pivotal metric gauging customer loyalty and satisfaction, is derived from the question, “How likely is it that you would recommend Synchrony to a friend or colleague?” Spanning from -100 to 100, the NPS® underscores Synchrony’s steadfast dedication to our customers. (What is a Good Net Promoter Score?)

Brad Estes, Chief Operating Officer of Synchrony Health Services, remarked, “At Synchrony Health Services, we pursue clinical excellence by driving extraordinary outcomes with our customers and their residents every day. We try not to focus on the NPS itself, but rather on the activities that create satisfaction and loyalty with our customers. We are ecstatic to have achieved a categorization of “excellent,” because that means our customers are happy.”

The commitment of Synchrony is highlighted by feedback from one of our customers, “They put our residents first! They are very compassionate and work very hard. They are family.”

“We are beaming with pride, but we have not reached a destination; we are on a journey of continuous improvement,” added Estes.

Synchrony Health Services is a nationally recognized healthcare solutions partner known for excellence in clinical outcomes through rehab, pharmacy, and lab diagnostics services in the Skilled Nursing Facility and Senior Living care continuum. Synchrony Health Services includes Synchrony Pharmacy, Synchrony Rehabilitation, Synchrony Rx@HOME, and Synchrony Lab under its umbrella. Synchrony Health Services was created in 2021 to capture clinical excellence obtained through collaboration and coordination.