Synchrony Health Services hires Iowa Director of Sales


Synchrony Health Services hires Iowa Director of Sales 

The Skilled Nursing and Senior Living ancillary provider looks ahead to continued growth in its second year of providing Rehabilitative, Laboratory and Pharmacy services 

(LOUISVILLE, Ky.) Feb. 6, 2023—Synchrony Health Services is celebrating the addition of Kathy J. Milling as the new Director of Sales for the Iowa region. The Skilled Nursing and Senior Housing ancillary provider is in its second year of delivering rehabilitative, laboratory and pharmacy services to partners in 22 states. Kathy, a Morningside College graduate, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education, with a Minor in Special Education. 

Milling has worked in healthcare for more nearly a decade and a half, holding regional and leadership sales roles in Hospice, Skilled Living, Assisted Living and Pharmacy in Senior Living communities. Prior to Synchrony, Kathy was a Business Development Specialist for an Iowa pharmacy where she developed strategic partnerships across the continuum of care in Hospice, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Independent Living. 

“Adding someone who possesses a keen passion for healthcare, especially in the Senior Living communities at various stages from AL to Hospice, is a true asset to our continued mission of providing quality and knowledgeable service to our clients and partners during our continued strategic growth,” said John Schwaner, Synchrony’s Vice President of Sales. “Kathy’s passion for helping families, team members and her ability for developing strong networking relationships while implementing a strategic business development plan to drive sales give us excitement for the future in achieving our goals with revenue growth in the Iowa region and beyond.” 

Synchrony Health Services is a nationally recognized healthcare solutions partner best known for excellence in clinical outcomes through therapy, wellness, pharmacy and lab diagnostics services in the Senior Living care continuum with over 600 partners. Synchrony Health Services includes Synchrony Pharmacy, Synchrony Rehabilitation, SynchronyRx@HOME and Synchrony Lab under its umbrella. Synchrony Health Services was created during 2019 to capture clinical excellence obtained through collaboration and coordination. 

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