Synchrony Survivors: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 — Virginia S.

Introducing our “Synchrony Survivors” – Stories of Strength, Resilience, and Hope.

In our ongoing mission to provide support and inspiration to those facing life’s toughest challenges, we’re proud to present “Synchrony Survivors.” This platform is dedicated to the remarkable Team Members who have triumphed over breast cancer and are now eager to share their stories of resilience, encouragement, and hope.

Our next story comes from Susie H., a survivor from Columbus, OH. Susie’s message of staying positive throughout her journey is one that can inspire.

Together, we want to share stories which help us in facing life’s challenges. Below is the advice from Virginia in MI.

What message of hope or encouragement would you like to share with others who are currently facing a breast cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment?

“It is not the end of the world. Make sure you get a second opinion, join a support group. Write in a journal documenting your journey helps a lot. Most importantly a good and caring medical team is key. Involve your families and friends with your treatment. Have a loved one with you throughout your journey. Make sure you ask questions to your physician about the treatments, surgeries etc.”

Can you highlight a specific moment or source of inspiration that helped you stay strong and positive throughout your breast cancer journey?

“What I did was write in my journal everyday.  I exercised as much as possible,  kept working throughout my journey and most important stay positive.”

Many people draw strength from the stories of survivors. What personal mantra or piece of advice guided you during your battle with breast cancer, and how can it inspire others?

“My nurse practitioner who was my angel told me to do everything I can to fight breast cancer.  Other women fighting breast cancer inspired me especially my mom who unfortunately passed away I thought of her daily and that inspired me the most. Stay strong and positive.”