Synchrony Health Services: A Consistent Advocate, Sponsoring KAHCF/KCAL Day in Frankfort Every Year Since 2021

Synchrony Health Services takes pride in our ongoing commitment to advocate for the rights and well-being of individuals in long-term care. We are proud to be in our 4th year of sponsorship of the KAHCF/KCAL (Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities/Kentucky Center for Assisted Living) Day in Frankfort. This unwavering dedication reflects our belief in positive change within Kentucky’s long-term care community.

As we prepare to once again sponsor the 2024 KAHCF/KCAL Day in Frankfort on February 14th, exclusively open to KAHCF/KCAL members, we celebrate the transformative power of grassroots advocacy. This annual event provides a unique platform for industry advocates to gather, engage with legislators, and address critical issues affecting long-term care.

Our continued sponsorship to this important day underscores our commitment to positive change within Kentucky’s long-term care landscape.