Synchrony VP of Marketing Joins THRIVE Center Board of Directors

Liz Barlow, RN, Vice President of Marketing at Synchrony Health Services, has joined the Board of Directors at the THRIVE Center in Downtown Louisville, KY. The THRIVE Center is a hub for cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of seniors. Liz’s expertise and experience will be a valuable asset as she collaborates with other board members and entrepreneurs to create impactful solutions.

“The Thrive Center welcomes Liz Barlow to its Board of Directors. Liz is the Vice President of Marketing for Synchrony Health Services. Her clinical background will be a valuable asset, as Thrive works with innovative entrepreneurs focused on health and wellbeing for aging adults. Liz will join other Alliance members across the U.S, making a global impact and transforming the future of healthcare,” said Sheri Rose, CEO/Executive Director, Thrive Center Inc.

Join us in congratulating Liz Barlow on this incredible achievement and her commitment to making a global impact in the field of healthcare!

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