Program Director of the Month: July 2023

Please join me in congratulating Angela Lucas, Program Director at Harrison Springs in Corydon, IN as PD of the Month! Angela’s dedication, leadership, and positive attitude have had a profound impact on the team at Harrison Springs. Her ability to bring people together, unwavering commitment to excellence, and her passion for making a difference in the lives of others are truly commendable. Thank you, Angela, for your continued dedication to Synchrony, the residents at Harrison Springs, and your team.

Angela’s team members were happy to share their thoughts on her outstanding leadership:
“Angela is an empowered and brilliant leader. Her passionate work ethic pulls others up to her level of caring. She creates a positive balance within the facility and makes the environment fun!” – Tai, PT

“Angela is the type of person you always want to be around. Her positivity and giving heart are always lifting people up in every way!” – Chelsey Saulman

“Angela is always willing to drop what she is doing to help her patients and co-workers. She presents patience and understanding in stressful situations. I always notice that she is striving to improve and to do her best in all aspects of her job!” – Alicia Jacobs

“Angela is a motivator to everyone and makes the work more fun. She gets to know her employees, always available for them and recognizes their efforts. Most of all if you need a “free hugs” come to see Angela”. –Margaret Griffin

“Angela is a beacon of positive energy here at Harrison Springs! Her enthusiasm is contagious with both our employees and residents! Everyone that Angela meets is never a stranger! All of us at Harrison Springs are overjoyed for Angela on this prestigious award!” – Ryan Morton, ED

“There are so many amazing attributes that Angela possesses that I could write you a book, but I will try to shorten it into a short story. The best way to explain Angela is… She is Harrison Springs’ ‘cheerleader.’ She has such a great positive personality which is contagious for everyone – staff, residents, visitors, and families. Angela was able to unite the nursing and therapy departments with no effort. Her infectious attitude just stuck to all of us without us even realizing it. I’ve never heard the word ‘no’ out of her mouth. No matter the request, she finds a way to make it happen. She never complains about her workload or when her very difficult schedule must be adjusted. The truth is, she makes it look easy. Angela enjoys her ‘job’ and it shows. I say ‘job’ because this clearly isn’t a ‘job’ to her, it’s her passion. She was born for this role. She lives for making a difference in all the lives that she touches. As a Director of Nursing, I no longer question or doubt the abilities of the therapy department on very difficult cases because I have seen them perform miracles under Angela’s lead and guidance. I have come to depend on Angela to set the mood for the day, to spread that positivity, not just for the campus, but for myself. Like I said, her positive attitude is contagious, and I catch it every morning :)” – Traci Corby, DHS